Stefanie Maucher – 11/25/2015

THANK YOU for such an amazing experience this weekend.  The entire day was so well organized and positive.  Carli is beyond excited and so was wound up she didn’t go to bed until 3 am and woke me up at 6 with a soft whisper “Mommy, I am a Queen like Elsa”.  – Stef Maucher & Carli Maucher

Stefanie Maucher

Karla Chapman – 7/25/2016

“A few years ago she wouldn’t go near anybody but our family. Wouldn’t even stay in the same room as my dad without freaking out. Now she can go and hang out with friends from Butterfly Dreams and not even worry about not being next to me. I get a “bye mommy” and there she goes. I can’t put into words how proud I am of her accomplishments and grateful for everything Butterfly Dreams has done for her.

Karla Chapman

Deb Hoffman – 6/25/2017

“This is a wonderful organization that gives hope, love, presence and a voice.”

Deb Hoffman

Angela Jackson – 7/11/2017

“It’s very hard for me to put into words just how much Butterfly Dreams has done for my daughter. It has provided her opportunities to grow, surrounded by wonderful people who have dealt with similar hardships in their lives. She is much more confident and outgoing and is always looking forward to what’s coming next!”

Angela Jackson

Carol Hrach – 10/2/2017

“It is hard to believe this is the same young woman who use to hide from the audience under bleachers at school. What a metamorphosis she has undergone! Ann loves being a Butterfly because of all the friends she has made this year.  She hopes to see all her Butterfly friends around town.”

Carol Hrach

Eileen Roth – 11/11/2017

“Being crowned 2016 MO Jr.  Miss Butterfly Dreams Queen has provided the stepping stones to bring her dreams closer to reality. Butterfly Dreams has provided her to participate in photo opps, publicity in multi media. Provided live and in person parades and appearances in other venues. Given her the platform to fundraise for BDP. Thank you Syndi and Butterfly Dreams, Inc.”

Eileen Roth

Karen Ryan – 11/12/2017

“The pageant was amazing!!!  We are still talking about how much fun it was!!!  Abby sang her heart out on that stage!!!!”

Karen Ryan

Anonymous – 11/18/2017

“I am beyond impressed with your organization – the pure joy and sense of self, belonging, extended family, acceptance that your events instill for someone like my brother – HOW INCREDIBLE!  To see photographs, his genuine down to his toes – smile, sense of well being all of which told me how he was feeling – “I’m recognized”, “people like me”, “I am valued”, “Like-able”.  Life changing.  And let’s talk about that trophy – he was over the moon.  As in WAY OVER THE MOON.  If you could have heard the phone call I received to tell me he has WON – you would have wept.  You could hear the earnest, heartfelt, genuine tone that vibrated through every last fiber of his being.  THANK YOU.”