A Closer Look at our Logo

Our logo is a collaboration of our Founder’s vision and her niece Olivia Koerber’s graphic design creativity.

A closer look will reveal a reason for everything you see.

The butterfly shape was chosen because it truly represents our participants. They come to us as caterpillars in their cocoons, and when they take part in our events, they are transformed and spread their beautiful new wings and fly.

The words that outline the butterfly are many different words of “achievement”. These words symbolize “the wings of achievement” in our slogan.

The silhouettes inside the butterfly are actual people. The top left is a beautiful lady named Brittany who was one of our very first Jr. Miss participants. On the top right is our Founder’s late brother P.J. Both are/were challenged with Down syndrome. On the bottom right is one of our very first Little Miss participants Dakota “D.J.” Finally at the bottom left is a young boy named Henry. D.J. and Henry are both on the autism spectrum.

These silhouettes represent the girls, boys, women, and men who participate and gain friendship, life-skills, and accomplishments through our events. All four are looking up because this experience is taking them to new heights.

The color of the butterfly is purple because this color represents royalty and how not only our participants and volunteers are treated, but how we believe everyone should be treated during our events.