2017 Illinois Keynote Speaker/Comedian – Andy Imlay

This year’s Illinois Pageant Keynote Speaker address will be given by a very inspiring man who has shattered many glass ceilings.  Coming all the way from Evansville, Indiana, Andy Imlay is a very loud and proud activist for the disability community.   This is evident in his blog/website PalsyPositive.com.  There you can read a little more about Andy, hear some of his previous podcasts, and keep up with his hectic schedule.

Along with being an Easter Seals Ambassador, Andy is beginning to develop a long list of credits behind him including a prominent role in the Nike FlyEase commercial;  a shoe made for athletes with disabilities.

Andy performs a stand-up comedy routine from his wheelchair.  He calls it “Inspiration/Humor through my battle with Cerebral Palsy!”

By the time he visits us, Andy will be a newlywed, just married to his beautiful bride Megan at the Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL.  Did we forget to mention he’s a HUGE Superman fan?

Be sure to get you tickets to the pageant soon!  You do NOT want to miss Andy’s Keynote Address…ahem…comedy routine.

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